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Are you looking for a special Christmas gift for someone special? Coaching can be a very meaningful gift for somebody looking for a change in their life.

SHAKE YOU UP offers a special Christmas package of three 45-minute coaching sessions. So don't hesitate anymore and order!

How does it work? 

Click HERE to purchase this Christmas offer.

Once your payment is processed,  you will receive a gift certificate that you can print and give to the person of your choice. 

The person can chose between the 3 different thematics below:

  • BE MY BEST: for anyone willing to be at their best, to maximize their potential at work or in their life.

  • 2019, YEAR OF CHANGE: for anyone who has a specific goal in mind that they want to achieve in 2019 and feel that they need some help to make it happen.

  • JUST FOR ME! (the customized one): for anything else... The person decides and we work together to make it happen.

To book a session, please email to or book directly the session online.

All coaching sessions have to be used within 4 months (before 30/04/2019).

The coaching sessions will be conducted by Sophie Derand, certified professional coach (ACC, CPCC, member of ICF), owner of SHAKE YOU UP.

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